Transforming the value of influence into brand power. Creating the ecosystem with cross-industry expansion.

“Knowledge” Influence Value

PressPlay Academy believes that everyone enjoys learning, and it is our mission to inspire the eagerness for knowledge. We utilize our influence and technology to build the leading knowledge-based content platform in Taiwan and continue to challenge the limits of learning.

We also partner with the best-in-class creators of diverse fields, including Finance & Accounting, Health & Fitness, Pastry & Baking, Business Languages, Design, etc., and create diverse learning solutions, such as high-quality video courses, text, story-telling, to allow the creators to maximize their influence with their knowledge. We do not only support the creators in creating the course but also accompany them in building their own brands.

Since our launch in 2016, we now have more than one million active members with more than 1,300 courses and 500K app downloads. Being a platform with high performance in “views,” “interaction rate,” and “value,” we provide diverse learning solutions, allowing our members to learn anytime and anywhere without being limited by tools, and accompany our members to discover a better self and the joy of learning by encouraging them to learn for themselves.

We enable the members to see the most charming self.

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Strategic Alliance

“Brand” Influence Value

We transform the value of influence into brand power by designing creator-focused content based on advanced data analysis and the potentiality of each creator.
Since our launch in 2019, we have incubated 9 creators to establish their own consumer goods brand IP, covering various consumer markets, including dessert, beverage, Korean cuisine, Taiwanese cuisine and camping gear . We also launch the brands in overseas markets, striving to introduce the local Taiwanese consumer goods brands to the global market.
Since 2022, we have also expanded the business scope of creator brands into family and female lifestyle product markets, committing to maximizing the creators' influence and innovating new business opportunities with the value of influence.


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“Entertainment” Influence Value

PressPlay is the leading new media and creator-focused marketing agency in Taiwan and Hong Kong. We partner with 45 best-in-class creators from Taiwan and Hong Kong, of which 9 have over 1 million subscribers on YouTube and exclusive partnerships with us.
In 2023, the total YouTube views of our partner creators had reached 52 billion, which equals 227 times more than the population in Taiwan.

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Best-in-class creators from Taiwan and Hong Kong
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over 1 million subscribers on YouTube
20 billion+
Total YouTube views of partner Creators had reached
80 times
Total Views for Taiwan population

Creator Management agency - Talent

Talent Conducting 360-degree management of creators, committing to maximizing the value of each creator, supporting creators for the brand establishment, and utilizing the creator's influence on content advertising, social commerce, knowledge sharing, and co-brandingactivities, etc.

Content Marketing - Connect

Connect Focusing on creating win-win cooperation between brands and creators by providing integrated full-service content marketing strategies with dedicated insights into the needs of the Internet industry, creators, and brands. We support over 40 brand clients each year, and we are the best content marketing partner for brands.

Influential Course - Next Master

Partnering with the best-in-class creators of diverse fields to create online learning content and promote knowledge sharing with the influence of social media, striving to be the online learning brand that understands the creators the most.

Taiwan Creators with Management agency

Hong Kong Creators with Management agency