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Innovating new business opportunities with “the value of influence.”
Create a 360-degree creator ecosystem.

PressPlay focuses on the present and also the future. We strive to create impacts with valuable future generation content, maximize the value of influence in each field and create a 360-degree influence value ecosystem with the creators.

PressPlay works with creators to continue creating content indispensable and closely into everyone’s daily life, including entertainment, knowledge, and lifestyle content, aiming to serve individuals better with the value of influence.

Knowledge Influence Value

Brand Influence Value

Entertainment Influence Value

知識 影響力價值

Knowledge Influence Value

Knowledge Influence Value: Maximizing the influence of knowledge with creators by introducing diverse subscription-based content, online course, and storytelling Podcast channel and by co-creating the “knowledge influence brand” of the creators.

品牌 影響力價值

Brand Influence Value

Brand Influence Value: Co-creating consumer brands meeting the needs of the next generation with the creators from gourmet food to family & female lifestyle products.

娛樂 影響力價值

Entertainment Influence Value

Entertainment Influence Value : Expanding 360-degree, including creator management, content advertising, social commerce, knowledge delivery, and co-branding.


Creator Management agency

Conducting 360-degree management of creators, committing to maximizing the value of each creator, supporting creators for the brand establishment, and utilizing the creator's influence on content advertising, social commerce, knowledge sharing, and co-branding activities, etc.


Content Marketing

Focusing on creating win-win cooperation between brands and creators by providing integrated full-service content marketing strategies with dedicated insights into the needs of the Internet industry, creators, and brands. We support over 40 brand clients each year, and we are the best content marketing partner for brands.

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Influential Course

Partnering with the best-in-class creators of diverse fields to create online learning content and promote knowledge sharing with the influence of social media, striving to be the online learning brand that understands the creators the most.

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PressPlay shares how to build creators’ influence in an all-round way.

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