Agency Team Editor – Lauren

I got interested in video shooting and editing in high school. Right after I completed my internship during college, the YouTuber industry entered its golden age, and I immediately realized that combining my interest and work was possible. I started to look for such internship opportunities online and saw a news report about how PressPlay supports creators from agency management to video creation. That was the moment I could clearly imagine my career in the company and the future growth of the industry. The creators under PressPlay are all my favorite YouTubers, and I knew that it would be fascinating to be able to participate in creating their videos. Thus, to learn more about this new media industry, it was my first choice to have an internship at PressPlay.

Enhancing the positive influence of the creators by becoming the commander behind the scenes

I started my career in PressPlay as an editorial assistant. In the beginning, I had to be instructed by the editor to complete tasks from preparation to video planning for YouTubers. Yet, now I can smoothly work with different creators independently and support the creators to complete projects efficiently. I feel proud that I can complete each project much closer to what the creators want.

The most impressive project for me was the food relay challenge by ChienChien. With this challenge, we had to invite other YouTubers to finish eating 30 local gourmet dishes, and it took 2 months to prepare. The most recent challenge was taken at Penghu Island, and it was our first time filming outside the main island of Taiwan. The whole team has been very cautious to avoid any possible and unexpected troubles. Yet, just a few days before the filming, my family member tested positive for COVID-19. While worried I wouldn’t be able to participate in the filming, I prepared for the worst and created alternative plans just in case. Fortunately, we completed the filming smoothly at the end, and I have to give the biggest thanks to my team for their accompany.

Every discussion with the creators can always bring out different ideas. We always learn and enhance our following videos by reading the audience’s comments after publishing a new video. The audience can see our improvement. Many people around me feel jealous of me being able to work with the creators, and for me, I think the most satisfying thing about working with the creators is that the fans could notice every effort we’ve put in. The proudest part of the work is to increase the positive influence of the creators and see how they become more popular with the details we’ve worked on. Moreover, the happiest thing for me is that I can focus on doing what I enjoy and get new inspirations when working with the creators and seeing the other side of them.

“Consideration” and “Trust” create the differentiation

I think consideration is the best word to describe the company. The benefits provided by PressPlay are created based on a clear understanding of the employee’s needs. For example, last year, during the pandemic lockdown, the company allowed all employees to work from home and provided WFH sponsorship for employees to purchase better equipment to enhance their working space at home.

Moreover, what surprised me is that the company strongly trusts each employee. Even as a newcomer, my manager allowed me to try different things myself. We can easily express our opinions when working cross-team and with the manager. I can feel that I’m being trusted and treated equally at work.