Administration Member – Sabrina

My friend introduced me after graduation that PressPlay is recruiting part-time staff. My impression of PressPlay is that it is the agency for famous YouTubers and a friendly, young, and flat environment for young talents who want to learn new things. It was also when the new media industry was about to grow fast, so I decided to grasp this recruiting opportunity by becoming a part-time staff member at PressPlay.

Diverse experiences and friendly working environment

I worked as a part-time receptionist at the beginning. The work covers not only what people could think of, such as general affairs and appointment arrangements, but also tasks related to accounting and strategy execution. Such diverse tasks allow me to learn diversely within a short period. The management and colleagues in the company are always happy to teach me and share their advice, and I could feel that they trust me. Working at PressPlay is challenging and with great space to learn. The friendly environment also fits how I would like to plan my career, so I approached proactively to look for a full-time chance in the company.

I later became a full-time administration member of the company. I am responsible for more complex tasks requiring me to connect all the details to create more significant impacts. For example, I’ve found that the letter delivery tasks may affect the contract signing process and further effects the sales numbers in the financial reports. Every policy we create and every event we hold would also directly impact the working atmosphere and employees’ motivation and efficiency. Even though it is not easy to feel satisfied after completing each task, I always try to think about how the things I do could potentially improve the company’s business value once in a while. Also, the encouragement from the managers and feedback from other staff make me feel more satisfied with my job.

Considerable benefits with huge space and stage to grow

It is very free working at PressPlay. We have a birthday holiday and massage program as our benefits, and I love the “paid holiday” benefit the most. Not only can all new employees receive paid holiday from their very first day, but we can also take paid “PressPlay Special Sick Leave” when we are sick. It is very generous of the company in terms of employee benefits. Also, as the administration member, I conduct internal events, birthday parties, unboxing new office events, etc. Even though it is not easy, I feel delighted to see everyone having a great time at the event. When I think about it, the birthday party I participated in made me feel that this is exactly the company I’d like to continue working for! As a member of the core operation team, we need to brainstorm about new company policies and make the best decision by thinking from different angles. This is also why I wanted to stay in this company when I was a part-time staff member. Here, if I have a good reason for doing whatever I want, the managers would give me a stage to challenge. I can not only learn more but also show more.

While the company is continuously growing towards the goal, we also keep working on enhancing our policies. Every employee clearly understands that the company keeps changing and improving, so we also try to become better ourselves every day at work. Same as the five core values of the company, self-revolution, we always aim to become stronger today than yesterday, always grow, and be strict with ourselves. Only when we are strict with ourselves, the world would be generous to us.

What is your advice for new graduates who want to work at PressPlay?

I think the most important thing is that you need to learn to adjust yourself quickly to a new environment. Since things change rapidly here, you must constantly tell yourself what we do now to make a better self. You shouldn’t be satisfied with what you have now because you should always be strict with yourself so that the world will be generous to you.