Business Development Manager — Benson

Whenever I look for a new job, I would not only judge whether my skills fit the role or not but also pay most attention to the potential of the company. Therefore, I have utilized the articles written by the founders of PressPlay to evaluate whether my value matches the company’s value or not and decided to have an interview with PressPlay. The interview with PressPlay was the toughest one for me as it is apparent during the interview that the company is looking for talents with combat power and a particular understanding of the industry. I can sense the company’s professionalism during the interviews and know that PressPlay is a strong company I’d like to work for.

Approaching proactively to generate high sales with precise vision and flexible thinking

It is the responsibility of BD to keep looking for collaboration opportunities with creators, and we always need to evaluate from different perspectives based on the potentiality and current influence power of the creators. I always start with considering if the content produced by the creator is appropriate for making courses and if the knowledge shared can help the students to increase specific abilities. Whether the creators are famous or not, I always aim to create the best result for them as this is not just a project but a business for the creators. We support the creators to allow them to focus on creating the best content only, and we’d take care of all the other things. The creators can bring into full play on the stage prepared by us.

The company gives enough trust and space for the employee to keep challenging themselves, which has pushed me to start the collaboration with the creator, “Electrician Father.” Considering the market adoption and effectiveness, we did hesitate about whether we should start such an experimental course or not at the beginning. Fortunately, with the market research carried out before introducing the course, we have identified the topics that may interest the audience and then introduced the first online course about electrical skills. One fun thing about working at PressPlay is that you can work with famous creators from different industries with different skills and personalities. You also get to work with various teams when executing the project, which is very helpful for self-growth and fun!

Smooth communication channels build up the stage for fighters

The company provides a vertical communication channel to reach the top management that they would answer the questions from anyone publicly every season. I didn’t believe it at the beginning. However, there was once when I decided to deliver my opinions about the company’s direction to the founders through this channel, and the founders and COO invited me to a meeting for further discussion. The founders expressed humbly that they are not always right, so they want to know the opinions of everyone. I was highly impressed and believed that the company must put lots of effort into building the communications channels.

After joining PressPlay, you can quickly see how people enjoy their lives. The company atmosphere allows everyone to have fun together. We see our works as fun missions to be completed with our fellows. I remember that on my first day at PressPlay, the manager asked me to participate in company events and team-building activities instead of assigning tasks to me. PressPlay is not only fresh and considerable, but it also rewards you with how much effort you’ve put in.